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Corporate Events

Mesoni is a premier lifestyle brand that specializes in creating exquisite experiences. Through our vast array of services ranging from Milestone Corporate Events to Board Meetings, Mesoni elevates your events to an entirely new level.

We strive to make every event successful by combining our expertise, bespoke service and attention to detail. Our professionals go above and beyond to ensure our clients have a luxurious, unique experience. 


Our Conference service provides an opportunity for people in the same industry to connect and share ideas and engage in multiple events with special guest speakers. Our conferences are designed to help you stay ahead, giving you the latest insights and trends in your field.

Milestone Event

We understand that milestone events are a vital part of any successful business. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your celebration equals the company's profile, upscaling your business image and helping build a solid future. Our experienced team will help you to plan and execute an event that is both memorable and meaningful.

Team-building activities

Our team-building activities are designed to improve employee morale and collaboration while allowing employees to spend time in an informal environment and get to know the nonprofessional aspects of their personalities. These activities usually occur outdoors, in natural surroundings, where team members can participate in challenging and fun activities that will help to enhance their team spirit.

Shareholder meetings

At Shareholder Meetings, we provide a platform to showcase your operational performance, strategies and future goals to your shareholders. Our services offer an interactive and engaging experience to ensure your shareholders understand the company’s direction and performance. We strive to make sure that your shareholders feel informed and valued.

Company retreats

What better for top-end management to step away from the office for a few days of distraction-free socializing and team-building, with occasional work tasks thrown in for good measure?

The result is an effective way to connect more personally and develop stronger relationships. Team communication gets a boost, and the change of scenery works wonders for improving morale. Ultimately, everyone returns to the office feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Corporate Gifts

Our corporate gifts are designed to make a statement, strengthen your company's image and represent your business professionally and distinguishedly. We offer unique, high-quality, custom-designed gifts that will represent your business in the best light and make a lasting impression. 

Special Event

We specialise in creating unforgettable experiences for gala, party, lunch or dinner events. Our event organisers team has years of experience planning and executing events of all sizes. From conception to execution, we will help you to create a stand-out event that will leave your guests with lasting memories. Whether it's part of a tradeshow or your company's connection to its field of activities, we are here to make your special event successful.

Appreciation Ceremony

Show your appreciation for your employee's hard work or the loyalty of your clients with an awards ceremony! Our services offer a wide range of potential activities to make your ceremony special. Let us help you create a memorable awards ceremony that your employees or clients will never forget!

 Board meetings

Our board meetings service will help you organise a successful gathering for your board of directors. Our experienced team will allow the board to come together and review the company's activity and performance, allowing them to draw reliable conclusions regarding its future strategies. We guarantee a high-quality outcome that will meet your needs.

Charity events

We will assist you in organizing successful charity events that promote your company's profile and get your message out. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create an event that will be enjoyable for your guests and effective at promoting your mission. 

From gala dinners and auctions to benefit concerts and fun runs, charity events aim to fundraise for a particular cause, give back to the community, and demonstrate the company's commitment to social responsibility.

Volunteering events

Do you want to contribute to a good cause or do something positive for the local community? Then, consider organizing a volunteer day for your team. These increasingly common corporate events involve taking time off work to volunteer for a non-profit organization or community service project. 

These group volunteering opportunities take many forms, from spending afternoons at nursing homes to lending a hand at soup kitchens. If you’re struggling to decide what to do, ask the team! They may know about local projects where they need extra help or have particular causes they wish to support.

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